Do you have a passion for making games? Want to spend a weekend creating a game with other people sharing your passion? Then the King GameJam is what you’ve been waiting for!

What is the King GameJam?

The King GameJam competition is a creative coding event for all sorts of individuals who have a passion for making games. The event will be taking place at King’s studios in Barcelona, London and Stockholm, yes the GameJam is going to take place in 3 locations at the same time, from 9th to 10th of June 2018, and the awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday 19th of June 2018.

It’s a great chance to show off those sweet game making skills of yours while collaborating and learning with others. Be ready to create a bit of magic in a fun, creative, environment.

How does it work?

We’re looking for all types of individuals to take on the King GameJam competition.

Participants will get to flex their imagination, meet super-talented people from around the industry and develop something awesome. Not to mention it’s a great chance to get a feel for the King creative experience!

There will be four Awards that may be won by a Team/Game in each territory: the King Creativity Award, the King Fun Award, the King UX Design Award, and the King Art Award. The winners of the Awards will receive a medal. There is also a King Social Media prize to be won in each territory. Finally, there is a King 2018 GameJam Award for best game across all territories and the winning team will win trophies (for further details and the judging of these Awards/prizes, please see the King GameJam Rules).

If this sounds like your idea of fun, then sign up now!

How do I enter?

Application for entry should be done online via avature. Registration will be open from 4th to 18th of May 2018. Please only sign up for one location and note that King will not sponsor travel to and from the GameJam event.

Rules are simple:
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old to enter and must sign up individually. Participants can enter the GameJam individually or in a team. The final 12 teams per location (36 teams in total) will be composed of 3 to 5 people. For those who signed up individually, teams will be formed at the kick-off session on Friday 8th of June.
  • Participation in the King GameJam is completely free, but places are limited and will be allocated by King according selection criteria in King GameJam Rules.
  • Transport to the GameJam will not be sponsored by King.
  • Selected participants will be contacted by King to confirm their participation at the King GameJam.
  • In order to participate you have to read and accept the King GameJam Rules.
  • Teams will have one weekend to create their game.
  • Your entry must be original and coded during the GameJam, and it must comply with our King GameJam Rules.
  • You need to be physically at one of the three King GameJam locations (Barcelona, London or Stockholm) to participate. No online option to participate will be offered.
  • You need to bring your own computer and any software and other hardware you wish to use to the event. We will provide Wi-Fi and power, but your own computer must be Wi-Fi enabled.
  • King will provide food and beverages during the GameJam period.
  • King reserves the right to disqualify any individual/team in breach of the King GameJam Rules.
  • GameJam: 9th to 10th of June 2018.
  • Friday 8th of June: introductory session with the selected participants at 18.00 in Barcelona and Stockholm and 17.00 in London to organize the teams, choose the GameJam theme, Q&A session, and prepare everything for next day.
  • Saturday 9th of June: kick-off at 09.00 (Barcelona & Stockholm) 8.00 (London) and all day jamming. Doors close at 21.00 in Barcelona and Stockholm/ 20.00 in London. Attendees are free to continue working on their games between Saturday and Sunday if they wish, but not at the King GameJam location.
  • Sunday 10th of June: kick-off at 09.00 in Barcelona and Stockholm and 08.00 in London and rounding off the jam around 17.00 in Barcelona and Stockholm and 16.00 in London.
  • Tuesday 19th of June: The King Game Jam Awards Ceremony, running from 18.00 until 20.00 in Barcelona and Stockholm and from 17.00 to 19.00 in London. During the awards evening we will present all the games and announce the winners. There will be awards for the different categories. For more information on the award categories, please see the GameJam Rules

At our King offices in Barcelona, London and Stockholm. The full addresses will be given to all attendees prior to the event.

Does King get to keep my code or idea?

No, anything original which you create at the King GameJam is all yours, and you and your team own the intellectual property of your game. We have no intention or desire to use your submission for our business and we are not even keeping copies of the submissions after the event and the King GameJam Awards Ceremony have finished.


If you have any questions please check the FAQs below and GameJam Rules. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, then contact us at:


Can I form my own team?

You have to sign up individually, but during the registration process you can indicate if you would like to participate with your own team (3 to 5 max). If you don’t have a team don’t worry; we’ll have a team formation event with all the selected participants on Friday the 8th of June.

Do I have to be a programmer?

No, all game makers are welcome, whether you do programming, graphics, sound or design, or a mix of everything! And remember, every saga needs all sorts of heroes.

May I use external resources or tools to create my game?

Yes, here you have a list of Resources & Tools for Jammers. Feel free to explore the links before the GameJam days.

What should I bring?

Wi-Fi enabled computer and any software and other hardware you wish to use.

Do I need to bring my own computer to the event?

Yes. We will provide Wi-Fi and power but you must bring your own computer, and it must be Wi-Fi enabled.

Who can I contact for further information?

Now, we know that you know that there’s nothing better than reading the full GameJam Rules… But in summary, they are:

  • you must be over 18 to enter
  • there will be four local award categories, one overall category award and a social media award prize
  • places are limited and will be allocated at our discretion
  • all original intellectual property that you create belongs to you or your team and not us
  • your entry must be original and coded during the GameJam and
  • your entry must comply with our Guidelines and Restrictions

You also can get in touch with the team at


if there is anything you’re not sure about.

Does King get to keep my code or idea?

No, anything original which you create is all yours, you own it. We have no intention or desire to use your submission for our business and we are not even keeping copies of the submissions after the awards ceremony.