Resources & Tools for GameJam Teams

Here you have a list of Resources & Tools for the GameJam Teams. Feel free to explore the links before the GameJam days.

2D graphic tools
3D graphic tools
Audio tools
Source control
IDEs - Integrated Development Environment
HTML5 / Javascript
Map editors
Sound & music
Task management tools
Graphical Text-based
Other tools and resources


Do I sign up alone or as a team?

You have to sign up individually, but during the registration process you can indicate if you would like to participate with your own team (3 to 5 pax). If you don’t have a team don’t worry; we’ll have a team formation event with all the selected participants on Friday the 6th of November.

Do I have to be a programmer?

No, all game makers are welcome, whether you do programming, graphics, sound or design, or a mix of everything! And remember, every saga needs all sorts of heroes.

Do I need to be physically at the King GameJam location to participate?

Yes. No online option to participate will be offered.

Do I need to bring my own computer to the event?

Yes. We will provide Wi-Fi and power but you must bring your own computer, and it must be Wi-Fi enabled.

Does it cost anything to participate in the King GameJam?

No, it's completely free!

May I use external resources or tools to create my game?

Yes, here you have a list of Resources & Tools for Jammers. Feel free to explore the links before the GameJam days.

Does King get to keep my code or idea?

No, anything original which you create is all yours, you own it. We have no intention or desire to use your submission for our business and we are not even keeping copies of the submissions after the awards ceremony.

What should I bring?

Wi-Fi enabled computer and any software and other hardware you wish to use.

Who can I contact for further information?

Now, we know that you know that there’s nothing better than reading the full GameJam Rules… But in summary, they are:

  • you must be over 18 to enter
  • there will be 6 categories and fun prizes
  • places are limited and will be allocated at our discretion
  • all original intellectual property that you create belongs to you or your team and not us
  • your entry must be original and coded during the GameJam and
  • your entry must comply with our Guidelines and Restrictions

You also can get in touch with the team at if there is anything you’re not sure about.